Helping Our Heroes is a non-profit program designed to assist motivated veterans with the resources they need. We have contacted local professionals, informing them of our program and the need for their services for our veterans. These professionals include physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, physical therapists, prosthetic specialists, mental health therapists, employment specialist and religious institutions. The local community professionals have agreed to assist Helping Our Heroes and the veterans we serve.

Although Helping Our Heroes is a young program, our services are expanding to including a Pro-Active approach to prepare family members for the return of their loved ones.  We provide local facilities for veterans, and their families, to meet and participate in discussions, to deal with the emotional traumas they were subjected to when serving in the military, and to learn how to cope with the difficulties they are faced while transitioning from active military duty to civilian life.


Our program is designed to receive inquiries from veterans, who are having difficulties getting access to the resources necessary for successful transitioning from military to civilian life, and introducing them to the professionals who can assist.  It is our mission to not only fulfill these requests, but also to provide additional resources to ensure successful re-entry into society. 

Helping Our Heroes now has a "distribution center" for donated items available to veterans and their families. A home-like, country setting center provides a place for veterans to meet, discuss their experiences with others, seek gainful employment and learn skills they can utilize to create a healthy life-style. Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are common among veterans and are under treated upon return. Through collaborated efforts with professionals in the mental health field, we hope to increase the number of veterans who are properly treated for these diagnoses. Transportation for those without a vehicle is available for scheduled appointments.