Helping Our Heroes is proud to announce our Housing and Employment program. MANNA Acres  (Marines, Army, Navy, Nat'l. Guard, Air Force) is dedicated to assisting homeless veterans by providing a comfortable home environment, while they continue to transition from military life to civilian life. This country home provides the serenity for continued recovery, while veterans are assisting other veterans in growth and development.  While participating, veterans are introduced to the art of farming, livestock management, marketing and sales of all-natural produce and poultry.  Veteran raised, these products are made available to the public, with the profits dedicated to assisting additional veterans.   Members will be required to assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the property, as well as the farming and animal care. 

Benefits of Veteran Housing

  1. Veterans will no longer be forced to seek refuge in homeless shelters.
  2. Veterans will be able to focus on their recovery from active duty.
  3. Veterans will be able to focus on finding suitable, gainful employment.
  4. MANNA Acres is virtually self sufficient, by raising their own food, with surplus to assist others. 
  5. MANNA Acres  provides veterans with a purpose.

It has been documented and proven that:

  1. Outdoor activities helps reduce depression, anxiety and symptoms of PTSD.
    2. Veterans with a purpose improve emotionally faster than those who are idle.
    3. Veterans who assist other veterans have reduced episodes of depression.
    4. Veterans feel more comfortable when assisted by other veterans.
    5. Veterans are calmer when in a quiet, secluded setting.
    6. Veterans react better when they feel they are being treated as an individual



Products of MANNA Acres

Currently MANNA Acres is producing all-natural, free-range poultry.  Raised from hatchlings to processing, veterans are learning to care for, market and sell this healthy  and nutritional poultry.  Now available to order.  


Poultry available:  Free-Range, All-natural


Average weight: 4 - 7 pounds

For ordering, or additional information, contact us through the "Contact Us" tab.

All-Natural Poultry available for a limited time only.  Call for details.  

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