Local Communities Helping Local Heroes

How You Can Help As expected, to continue to assist our veterans, we need not only monetary donations, but also professional volunteers willing to donate their specialties. 
 Local professionals are contacted, informing them of our program and the need of an individual veteran.  Professionals are asked if they would donate their services for our veterans.  These services include, physicians, psychiatrists, mental health therapists, dental, prosthetics and religious institutions.  Everyone has something to offer, a special talent or skill, ideas or experience with fundraising or thoughts on additional services that would further assist our veterans in need. Helping Our Heroes is a community based program and encourages individual involvement.  To contact us, either call our contact number (517) 974-0987 or submit your comments on the Request form of this website.

How donations can be made

Helping Our Heroes is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) public charity.  All donations and contributions are tax deductable.   Donations can be sent to our office address.  All checks are to be made out to:  Helping Our Heroes, and receipts for your records will be sent immediately.  Online donations may be made by clicking on the "Donate Here!" tab.


Mailing Address: Helping Our Heroes  2843 East Grand River #306, East Lansing, MI  48823.

How can veterans seek the help they need?

Veterans are asked to contact Helping Our Heroes when they are in need of services, which have been either declined by the VA, or are difficult to obtain.  Once a Resource Request is received, a Helping Our Heroes representative will contact you immediately regarding your request and proceed in obtaining all the necessary services for each veteran to regain a healthy and independent lifestyle.  The Resource Request Form can be submitted from this website, or you can contact us at Helping Our Heroes (517) 974-0987.